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We are committed to providing the best outcomes for all of our patients. Our experienced team understands that these outcomes aren’t driven only by the prescription you receive, but rather through a thorough assessment of your individual needs. We are your advocate, and we’ll be sure you experience a better patient outcome.



The Golden Triangle:

Prosthetic limbs are extremely complicated. They have to work correctly for millions of step cycles, over several years, without issue. For any prosthesis to work correctly there are three main parts that are all related to each other. These parts must work in harmony in order to work correctly. If any of these parts are not correct, the result will be a prosthesis that is painful and unsafe to use.

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Orthotics are complicated! A great outcome takes a clinician that is capable of asking the right questions, checking the right metrics, and making a proper assessment. This is how we are able to determine what the best option for our patient is. Do you actually need a custom designed and fabricated orthosis? Or would something “off the shelf” work better?

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Trusted Orthotic Design Services near Butte County, CA

You can trust our orthotic clinic to provide exceptional service when you need orthotic care close to Butte County, CA. From orthotic design services to quality construction, Elite Biomedical Design outperforms the competition. We recognize the value of improving mobility and ensure you have the orthotics necessary to achieve your goals.

Custom Prosthetic Care Services Close to Butte County, VA

Do you need custom prosthetics to improve your mobility and help you regain a better quality of life? Our prosthetic clinic offers exceptional prosthetic care services to help you regain function and live your best life. 
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